about us

Lifenet Medical was established in 2017. Our business is a distributor in the field of medical consumables.

The aim of Lifenet Medical is; We supply high quality products from abroad, at affordable prices, and to provide high standard service to our patients.


Our products are reviewed and approved by the ministry of health and other notified bodies before meeting with patients. Our first preference is to satisfy our customers by producing fast and precise solutions through technical service network.


Our researches that we have done for many years in the medical field, we share the latest information with our doctors in the direction of the fairs and the information we have obtained, and we get maximum benefit from our patients by taking their opinions.


We do not allow anybody to be a victim by solving our problems with our dealers and our customers in the shortest possible time with the guarantee conditions and the possibility of individual change provided for most of our products.


We are aware of the seriousness of the work we are doing and bringing quality products in advanced technology and bringing them to our dealers, knowing that human health is the head of everything, deliberately taking into account the likes and dislikes of our patients.